Building Power for Equity


Justice Through Food

Justice through Food is a national collaborative of organizations, led by people of color, using food and agriculture systems as a catalyst to dismantle racism, exploitation and oppression in their communities.

We simply can’t wait any longer for organizations that have thrived from systemic racism and exploitation to change.

Our collaborative network of organizations IS collectively building power to create new equitable food and agriculture systems – free of racism, exploitation, degradation and oppression.

Racial, social, climate and economic challenges are inextricably linked for communities of color. Justice through Food is multisolving across these challenges because our communities face the combined impacts of these challenges continuously.

Problems We Face

Racial Justice
Our corporate, industrial U.S. food system is built on the backs, the land, and the lives of people of color. All, to the benefit of a handful of transnational corporations.
Social Justice

Industrial agriculture exploits people along the entire food chain – from those who grow and harvest the food to those who cook and serve the food.

Our corporate industrial food complex creates the disparities in diet-related diseases, food insecurity, and malnutrition that disproportionately impact people of color.


Racial Environmental-Climate Justice

The current industrial agriculture and food system generates 44 to 57% of all greenhouse gas emissions through: deforestation, conventional production, transportation, processing and packaging, refrigeration, and food waste.

Nationwide, communities of color are exposed to significantly higher levels of pollution, including those caused by industrial agriculture.

Economic Justice

The corporate, industrial food system is rooted in an extractive economy that exploits people and the planet.


How We Work

We work collectively to build power and create new equitable systems that put people and Mother Earth over profits by returning and reconnecting stewards and providers of color to the land.

Our work is focused on removing the barriers to equitable access to land and capital by providing the resources, tools and capacity building (financial, legal, and technical leadership) our members need to create new equitable food and agriculture systems that promote justice.

We are the change

We are raising $10M to create our Land Justice Fund.

This revolving fund will allow us to provide:

zero to low-interest loans

Forgivable loans and grants to People of Color led organizations to access

acquire and rematriate land